A maximum commitment  is guaranteed to every client according to our professional attitude based on business ethics and integrity

 "IURA PARIA DEBENT ESSE EORUM INTER SE QUI SUNT CIVES IN EADEM RES PUBLICA – All citizens of the same state should have equal rights"

Welcome to Law Office Durakovic!

We are Law Office of general purpose dealing with the provision of legal assistance in almost all areas of law.

The office was established by a lawyer Elvis Durakovic in 2016. The main idea was to provide clients with faster and more efficient quality of legal assistance due to the use of new and modern communication channels which, thanks to the expansion of Internet technology, became part of everyday life.

Professional services

We provide services to clients in areas of law such as:

Criminal Law

Defense reported / suspected/ accused, representing the injured party...

Civil Law

Debtor-creditor relations, indemnity, patrimonial capacity, non-contentious proceedings, divorce, property law, contractual nature/ contracts...

Commercial law

We provide services to legal entities and individuals in all types of commercial disputes, collection of claims in commercial disputes and other terms in the field of commerce which regulate the legal status and status of business entities, their relationship towards the state, their mutual legal affairs which they conclude in relation with the trade of goods, services, money and securities.

Labor law

Providing legal advice as well as representation in case of termination of employment contracts, representation in the disciplinary proceedings, representation in cases of regular and extraordinary termination of employment contracts, protection of the rights of employees when terminating the employment contract, representation in individual and collective labor disputes before courts or for violation of any rights arising from employment.

Administrative Law

We provide services to our client in area of administrative law (administrative procedure before all administrative authorities) and administrative disputes before the Administrative Court.

Contract law

Representation of our clients about real estate marketing, sale and purchase, gifts, rents, mediation, temporary service contract, warranty, lifelong allowance and similar.

Lobbying services

Our law office has a lobbying certificate and it is registered in the Register of lobbyists led by the Agency for Prevention of Corruption.

Other services

We provide services to clients in areas of law such as: The right of insurance and compensation of damages, Registration of business, Bankruptcy and liquidation, Copyright and protection of intellectual property, Public procurement.

More than 15 years of experience in the judiciary!

The law office has a great experience in the area of civil, criminal, extra-judicial, misdemeanor, commercial and labor law, protection of personal data and protection of customer rights and in these areas it advises, consults and represents numerous clients before courts and administrative authorities at the domestic and international level.

Contact informations

Bulevar revolucije A-1, 85000 Bar, Montenegro
+382 68 200 992
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Working days from  08:00 to 16:00

We inform all clients that the period for reception of parties is every working day with previous agreement.  The law office provides services in English.