Professional services

Law office Durakovic establishes its work and cooperation with numerous clients on several very important concepts and principles: Dedication, Efficiency, Expertise and Creativity, and we are continuously following the complex and dynamic legal framework and environment in Montenegro, and with continuous education, Labor Law, experience and practice we are improving our knowledge.
It is extremely important for our clients to consider all legal options in order to solve their dilemmas in the most optimal way. Continuous improvement of knowledge in all areas of law, monitoring of the dynamic legal sector and development of practice are the minimum standard we respect in our law office.

The quality of legal counseling and representation depends on many factors, but in the Law office Durakovic we are trying to measure the quality of the additional values we enter in each individual situation.

Our goals are not only to fulfill and satisfy the demands, requirements and expectations of our clients, but often to overcome them and offer something new and additional value in every single situation.  Because of that, our clients choose and recommend us.

Criminal law

Defense of the reported / suspected/ accused

Representation in pre-criminal proceedings and those at the stage of criminal investigation, representation at the main and submission of complaints in criminal proceedings, representation in proceedings.


Representing the injured party

Submission o f criminal charges, application for compensation of damages (property-legal requirements), collection of payment of the awarded amounts of indemnity.

Civil rights

Debtor-creditor relations

Court debt collection, alimony, representation of creditors, representation of debtors, complaints and appeals in the enforcement procedure.


Making claims, appeals and representation before courts, damage caused by traffic accidents, damage caused by injuries at work, damage to real estate and all other damages.

Patrimonial capacity

Composing testaments, litigation procedures regarding the legacy and representation in the inheritance proceedings.

Extra-judicial proceeding

Regulation of the boundaries, separation of co-ownership property, determination of the necessary or temporary passage, as well as all other non-contentious procedures.


Appeals for divorce, agreeable (consensual) divorce, division of spouse's property, legal support and amounts of alimony, entrusting children, identifying or denying paternity.

Property right

Regulation of property relations, property appeals, easements, disputes related to possession, registration in the land register.

Contractual nature / contracts

Making contracts (on lease, loan, sale, etc.), legal verification of contracts, representation in contract disputes.

Other services

Also, these services include the determination of ownership rights, the initiation and proceedings of the testamentary discussions, out-of-court dispute resolution, construction law, copyright, and numerous other services in the field of civil-law relations.

Commercial law

We provide services to legal entities and individuals throughout the whole of Montenegro in all types of commercial disputes, collection of claims in commercial disputes and other relationships in the field of commerce which regulate the legal status and status of commercial entities, their relationship to the state, their mutual legal transactions that are concluded in connection with the trade in goods, services, money and securities. That includes the area of international commercial law.

Today's dynamic business environment requires legal advice that can influence the elimination of possible harmful consequences and problems in business. Therefore, the law office Durakovic strives to present all existing legal possibilities to clients, which include conclusion of certain extra-judicial or judicial agreements in legal disputes, or alternative solutions or in other situations of adequate representation of clients in courts.

We try and strive to approach every single problem with multiple sides, and enable clients the most favorable solution in the commercial aspects or disputes in which they participate.

Labor law

Services in the field of labor-law relations, which includes the provision of legal advice as well as representation in case of termination of the employment contract, representation in the disciplinary proceedings, representation  in cases of regular and extraordinary termination of employment contracts, protection of the rights of employees when terminating the employment contract, representation  in individual and collective labor disputes before courts or for violation of any rights arising from employment.

Administrative law

We provide services to our clients in area of administrative law (administrative procedure before all administrative authorities) and administrative disputes before the Administrative Court.

In administrative proceedings, this involves representation in proceedings, submission of fillings and appeals against decisions of administrative authorities.

In administrative disputes it involves legal advice, submission and representing appeals, or responding to appeals and representation before a court.

Our services include legal counseling and representation in relation to the issue of citizenship: release from citizenship of Montenegro, acquisition of Montenegrin citizenship, registration in the registry of birth, death and marriages in Montenegro and extracting certificates from registers. Also, the initiation of an administrative procedure for the purpose of obtaining: urban development approvals, issuance of building permits license and legalization of illegally built objects, and administrative procedure related to the realization of the pension.

Within the above mentioned procedures or disputes for clients we declare regular and extraordinary legal remedies, and we conduct other types of administrative procedures and disputes upon request and in agreement with clients.

Contract law

Representation of our clients about real estate marketing, sale and purchase, gifts, rents, mediation, nonaggression contract, warranty, lifelong allowance and similar.

Lobbying services

The law office in accordance with Law on Lobbying (The Official Gazette of Montenegro, No. 52/2014) has a lobbying certificate and it is registered in the register of lobbyists led by the Agency for Prevention of Corruption. We are at the disposal of clients from Montenegro and abroad for the purpose of exerting influence on the bodies of the legislative and executive authorities at the state or local level, state administrative bodies, independent bodies, regulatory bodies,  public institutions, public companies and other legal entities which perform public authorization, or activities of public interest  or are in majority state ownership in the procedure of carrying out  regulations and other general acts, within the competence of these authorities, in order to achieve the interests of the lobbying client, in accordance with the law.

Other types of services

We provide services to clients in areas of law such as: The right of insurance and compensation of damages, Registration of companies, Bankruptcy and liquidation, Copyright and protection of intellectual property, Contract awards, Concession, Competition Law, Arbitration, Securities, Taxes and Customs, Telecommunications, Banking and Finance, Sports Law.

"QUI SUO IURE UTITUR, NEMINEM LAEDIT – One who  uses his law,  does not harm anyone"

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We inform all clients that the period for reception of parties is every working day with previous agreement.  The law office provides services in English.